Colorway 機能紹介
Colorway 機能紹介

Colorway 機能紹介
Dynamic, instant & live photorealistic display

Dynamic Tables

Removing the need to generate and maintain spreadsheets and complex PDM/ PLM databases, Dynamic Tables captures data from the 2D or 3D asset, Colorway Palette, Colorway Texture and any linked data and presents this back to the designer in a tidy table package.

Drag & Drop Color

Drag colors directly onto a part or a whole item so you can instantly see a photorealistic representation on your workspace.

Linked Items

Color one, color all. Colorway’s unique linking ability ensures that every part of the product is updated instantly, regardless of the view that you’ve chosen to display.

2D to 3D Flattening

In many situations, a manufacturer still requires a 2D (or flat) representation of a product, often an outline view. Colorway removes the need to re-create a 2D view with a one-click flattening button. This way your manufacturer can have both 3D and 2D representations from the same asset.

Lighting Editor

Lighting is such an important factor in how color is viewed. Different lighting, whether it be daylight, halogen store lights or perhaps an LED light nearby will affect how your color is displayed. With Colorway, you can import lighting presets and give Colorway users the ability to change the type of light, the intensity and even the tint.
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